• Data Acquisition and Enhancement
  • ETL Processing
  • Postal Hygiene and Presort
  • Order Management Automation
  • Data-triggered Workflows
  • FastTrack™ Insights
  • Reporting Dashboards
Data Integration, Management and Transformations 
Omni-channel Execution

How Can CMI Help You Convert Your Prospects To Customers?

Critically important to the data driven processes and dynamic print and mail services we provide are our deliverables around data management and print stream transformations.  Files we receive are immediately confirmed for integrity including file naming, file formats, key field values, record counts, etc.
Once confirmed, files are interpreted, key data elements extracted, order details ingested, and print streams generated and processed in an automated, fully reportable environment. 
Additional services include:
Printing​ and Imaging
Our solutions span both conventional offset and digital print technologies.  For many clients, our broad capability provides the proper mix of low cost static print and highly dynamic imaging. 
Our diverse print technologies, sizes, and formats include inkjet web (roll-fed) printing presses (2-HP 360 and 1-HP 410), duplex (roll-fed) digital toner printing presses (2-Xeikon 8800), cut-sheet digital toner printing presses (1-HP Indigo 7500 and 1-HP Indigo 10000), and MICR (cut-sheet / roll-fed) printing presses (3-Oce VarioPrint 6250). 
In addition to this varied digital printing equipment, we also have vast conventional, offset printing capabilities for complementary materials such as covers, static sections, direct mail collateral, shells, inserts, longer run books, etc.
As print continues to evolve, the growing importance of delivering messages across multiple channels is evident.  We support omni-channel marketing by leveraging the content, business rules, and data streams used to generate dynamic pages to also generate device-specific, e-delivery versions. 
Our customer communications’ platform in concert with GMC Inspire provides our clients the opportunity to develop conversations that are dynamic, cadenced and responsive to members, patients, clients, and prospects across multiple verticals on all their preferred devices and channels.  In addition to our output options, we also support our clients’ requirements to manage their campaigns, product configurations, and content directly so we can execute the most up-to-date and compliant messages.